Pictured above: Back row (left to right) Lanny McPeak, Woodrow Dillow, Sherman Townley, Billy Crockett Bowen, D. B. Waddle, David Morehead, Dan Wiley, Jarold Buchanan, Larry Dean Pauley and Kenneth May. Front Row: (left to right: Mona Scott May, Sally Lambert Edwards, Elizabeth Lambert Stiltner, Virginia Gayle Chandler Cox, and Ann Hardy Beardshall.
The Bland High School Class of 1957 held its 60th Reunion at the Bastian Union Church on August 5, 2017. Fifteen of the remaining 29 graduates from this graduating class attended the reunion. Other members of the class who were unable to attend included: Pauline King, Phillip Stowers, Janeth Bogle, Kenneth Hall, Olena Hooker, Sue Davis, Yvonne Durham, Billy Strock, Jimbo Muncy, McCarty Shannon, Doris Shockley, Thelma Wilson, Nancy Faulkner, Carl Beamer and Ralph Beamer.

The Reunion began with a delicious meal prepared by the Men of the Bastian Union Church. The meal was followed by an introduction of guests and comments by each class members updating their lives over the past 60 years.

As part of the program, class members who have passed away since graduation in 1957 were remembered: Paul Wiley, Joyce Puckett, Larry Dillow, Rosa Lee Pauley, Nancy Tate, Linda Ross, Sue Muncy, Billy DeHart, Vera Lene Tickle, and Ruby Wright. The twins in the class of 1957 Sally and Elizabeth Lambert sang several gospel songs for the Reunion. Ann Hardy Beardshall gave the classmates attending a Reunion Book and Video. The video featured pictures of the class through their high school years as well as scanned yearbooks from 1954-1957. The most popular songs from 1957 provided the audio background for the video.

The next reunion is planned for August 4, 2018 near the Bland Fairgrounds.