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"3 Hots and A Cot" - the Story of the Bastian CCC Camp, debuts at the FOL

 The Bland County Historical Society will release its second "Historical Glimpse of Bland County" book at the Festival of Leaves, October 13-14, 2012. Judy Firestone Matthews, from Richmond, VA, and Ann Hardy Beardshall, from Bland County, VA, have collaborated to write 3 Hots and A Cot. This book provides a history of the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) and the CCC Camp at Bastian. Matthews initiated the writing of the book when she called the Bland County Historical Society to see if its photo collections included a picture of her father at the Bastian CCC Camp in 1934. Indeed, there was such a picture donated to the society by Georgia Stacy Havens. Matthews mentioned to Beardshall that she had an oral history from her father about his time at the CCC Camp at Bastian. They became interested in finding out about the history of the CCC, how the camps were set up, how they operated, and what they accomplished during the 9 years in Bastian. Special attention was given to describe Bastian's Camp Cherokee through historical accounts, newsletters, and memory books written by the men of the camp, and in an interview with Mr. Herman Brackens (enrollee in 1938-39) from Wytheville. Inserted throughout the book are local pictures and actual quotes from the boys who served in the Bastian Camp. There is also a good description of the work projects completed in Bland County during those years. The book ends with William Carnes Firestone's (Judy's father) recollection of his time in Bastian. The book has 120 pages, 4 pages of local pictures, and a pull-out centerfold that has two group pictures of the CCC Camp in 1934 and again in 1938, as well as a panoramic view of the completed Camp. Matthews and Beardshall will be present at the Bland County Historical Society's booth during the Festival of Leaves to sign and discuss their new book which sells for $20.00, or can be shipped for $25.00.  See Sale Items

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Judy MatthewsAnn Hardy Beardshakk

Authors: Judy Firestone Matthews and Ann Hardy Beardshall



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