Bland County Historical Society

Backward Glance




Mrs. Georgia Havens, of Bastian, was a recent visitor to the Bogle Library at the Bland County Historical Society. She donated a copy of the April 8, 1943 issue of the BLAND MESSENGER to the Library, and below are some of the headlines mentioned in that issue: 

Mother Hog Doing Her Part for Victory: “Red Hill Flo” the pure bred registered Durock Jersey sow, owned by Edd Stuart of Crandon, gave birth to 17 pigs in one litter on March 29, 1943, making a total of 37 pigs in 14 months. 

Seriously Injured in Accident at Sawmill Friday: R. L. Nunn of Holly Brook received serious injuries Friday afternoon when he was caught in a draft shaft of a sawmill, owned by Wayne Miller at Kimberling. He was immediately taken to a Bluefield hospital and is reported to be improving. 

Bland Soldier Praises Red Cross: Miss Sarah Elizabeth Muncy has received a letter from Roland Mustard, now serving his county in the U. S. Army at Ft. Belvoir, Virginia, and the closing paragraph of his letter says, “Say, I sure am proud of the Bland County people in the Red Cross drive. Backing like that is the reason we have the best army in the world today. With people working on the home front, we can’t lose this war, Love Roland.”  

One Plane Shot Down for Ever 50 Rounds of Fire: Major General Levin H. Campbell, Army Chief of Ordnance, says that statistics on Guadalcanal showed that fifty rounds from our 90-mm guns averaged to bring down a plane. This compares with 17,000 rounds of anti-aircraft fire required to hit a plane during the First World War

Home Delivery of Butter, Cheese Permitted by OPA: Housewives may order butter and cheese for home delivery and pay their ration points in advance, according to a ruling of the OPA. If the seller does not fill the order, he must return the ration points. 

Local News at Bland: Mrs. Ada Lee Updyke, who has been ill, is improving. Mrs. Howard Tickle is visiting relatives in Wytheville this week. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Six and daughter, Joyce, spent Sunday with the latter’s parents in Saltville. Miss Nancye Bird of Radford College spent the weekend with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. B. L. Bird. Paul Dunn left yesterday for Richmond to visit relatives for a week before entering the armed services. Stephen Lambert, Jr. who is stationed at the Air Base at Albuquerque, New Mexico, is spending a fifteen day furlough at his home here. Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Burton, Mrs. J. W. Burton, J. G. Sifford and I. B. Havens spent the weekend with S. W. Burton, who is a patient in the government hospital at Oteen, NC. Mr. Burton is reported to be improving. 

Local News at Rocky Gap: L. J. Stowers was thrown from a horse last week and suffered a broken arm. Herman Kidd, who is in the U. S. Army, was visiting Mrs. Sylvia Burris last week. Misses Eula Mae and Evelyn French spent the past weekend in Bluefield with their sister, Mrs. Edd Townley. 

Local News at Hicksville: Mrs. W. A. Davidson is still confined to her home because of illness. Otis N. Shufflebarger, of Williamson, W. Va. Spent Monday with relatives here. Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Cox, of Fieldale, accompanied by Mrs. Ella Winfrey, visited their old home here Saturday.

Local News at Nobusiness: Mr. and Mrs. Ward Wolfe and children, Mr. and Mrs. Fayette Davis and son were guests of Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Robinette, Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Robert French were given a shower Wednesday night. A number of friends and relatives were present. They received a number of beautiful presents.