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Lucille Walters

Callie Lucille Shufflebarger Walters (1906-1979)



 Callie Lucille Shufflebarger Walters (1906-1979) was the daughter of Harvey Boston Shufflebarger (1863-1923) and Margaret Lou Emma Thompson Shufflebarger (1870-1955). Harvey and Margaret were married at the old Kimberling Springs Hotel in 1890. Lucille married John William “Bill” Walters in 1937, and they resided in the Hicksville community of Bland County, where they raised their daughter, Billy Jean. Bill and Lucille are buried in Rose Hill Cemetery at Bastian.

 Billie Jean Walters married Douglas MacArthur (Mac) Carty in 1967, and she owns and operates “Billy Jean’s Flowers” in the family home place.

 Lucille was a devoted school teacher, as evidenced in an employment log she prepared at the end of a forty-seven year career devoted to her students. The Bland County Historical Society is pleased to have a copy of this employment log in the Bogle Library. Below is a summary (in her words):

“1924-25, Bogle School (Wolf Creek), One Room; 1925-26, Oakdale School (Walker’s Creek), One Room; 1926-27, Williams Chapel School (Niday), One Room; 1927-28, Laurel (Lower), One Room; 1928-29, Suiter School, Two Room; 1929-30, Liberty (Rt. 42), One Room; 1930-31, Ceres, Grade 4, H. Reynold, Principal; 1931-32, Ceres, Grade 7, H. Morris, Principal; 1932-34, Bastian, Grade 4, H. Stowers, Principal; 1934-35, Rocky Gap, Grade 3, R. Reynolds, Principal; 1935-36, Nebo (Clear Fork), One Room; 1936-37, Wilderness, One Room.”

“I was married March 27, 1937 and a clause in contracts prohibited married women from teaching (County ruling). The clause was revoked in the early 40’s and married women were welcomed back to the profession.”

“1944-45, Rocky Gap, Grade 8, W. Stowers, Principal; 1948-49, Rocky Gap, Grade 6, D. Davis, Principal; 1949-50, Rocky Gap, Grade 2, D. Davis, Principal; 1950-51, Rocky Gap, Grade 1, D. Davis, Principal.”

“There were 63 pupils in the first grade that year. Mr. Davis divided the class in half. I taught half and Mrs. Ethel Turner taught the other half.”

“1951-52, Rocky Gap, Grade 6, D. Davis, Principal; 1952-56, Rocky Gap, Grade 6, G. Updyke, Principal.”

 “We moved into the new building in December 1955.”

 “1956-62, Rocky Gap, Grade 6, G. Updyke, Principal; 1962-64, Rocky Gap, Grade 6, S. Harvey, Principal; 1964-67, Rocky Gap, Grade 6, B. Worrell, Principal; 1967-1971, Rocky Gap, Grade 6, J. Kaylor, Principal.”

 “I retired July 1, 1971.”

 Lucille’s daughter, Billy Jean Carty, remembers her mother as one who not only loved to teach, but was a hard worker who helped her husband on the family farm. Both Lucille and her husband were active members of the Pine Grove church in Bastian.