Bland County Historical Society

Backward Glance

Suiter School

Pictured is Suiter School, 1st -7th grades, c.1935, Helen Morehead, Teacher.

 Bottom Row: Unknown, Helen Hall, Unknown, Georgia Havens, Unknown

 Row Two: Junior Breeding, Unknown, Unknown, Ina Stacy, Unknown, J. Fred Hall, ? Lovell

 Row Three: Unknown, Junior Stacy, Margaret Elliott, Unknown, Dorothy Lundy

 Row Four: Lillian Breeding, Unknown, ? Lowell, Unknown, Elsie Breeding

 Row Five: Dorothy Stacy, Stella Mae Elliott, Sue Colley

Top Row:  Cecil Colley, Unknown, Ronald Stacy, Dorothy Lucas, Inez Sexton

 Please contact Brenda King (276) 688-0088 if you know any of the “unknown” students. Photo contributed to the Historical Society by Georgia Havens.