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Backward Glance

Mary Jane Hays Kegley

 Mary Jane Hays Kegley (1872-1958), wife of Judge Fulton Kegley of Bland



The Arrival of the Confederate Statue

Part Two, Conclusion

 The Bland County Historical Society has just recently received copies of letters addressed to Mrs. Fulton Kegley (Mary Jane Hayes Kegley, 1872-1958) containing information of the delivery of the Confederate Statue from Italy to the Court House lawn in Bland. Mrs. Kegley, who was married to Judge Fulton Kegley (1865-1927), was president of the Bland Chapter of the of the Daughters of the Confederacy, and was instrumental in acquiring this statue for our county. Our thanks to Robert “Bob” Kegley, grandson of Judge Fulton and Mary Jane Kegley, for donating copies of these letters to the Bogle Library. We are pleased to share these letters, typed exactly as they were written, with our readers. This is Part Two, and the conclusion of the letters sent to Mrs. Kegley.

 To Mrs. Fulton Kegley from Roanoke Marble & Granite Works Inc, January 18, 1912: “We received your check for seven hundred dollars as part payment on the confederate monument and wish to thank you for same, we have it unloaded and arranged so nothing can happen to it till the roads get in shape so you can haul it. Very Respect, J. E. B.”

 To Mrs. Fulton Kegley from Roanoke Marble & Granite Works Inc., February 17, 1912: “The railway are wanting us to remove the monument and the quarry are in need of the derrick we rented and have at Wytheville to erect the monument with and as the roads in this section are getting good we would like for you to make arrangements to get the work hauled the earliest possible time you can get over the roads. It will not be necessary for Judge Williams to be there as we can oversee the loading at Wytheville and erect it. Kindly let us hear from you on this. We see no reason for not hauling this by having to double teams on hard pulls. Very Respect, J.E.B.”

 To Mrs. Fulton Kegley from Roanoke Marble & Granite Works Inc, March 29, 2012: “Do you not think we can move the monument about the middle of the coming week, we will be forced to make some disposition of it at once, as we are in need of the derrick, we have been moving some heavy pieces than any of those in the monument at Wytheville over the rough country roads in this section, so please let us hear from you by return mail. Very Respect, J.E.B.”

 To Mrs. Fulton Kegley from Roanoke Marble & Granite Works Inc, May 20, 2012: “If you have the monument hauled we would like to erect it next week, we would want to come up the first of the week as it will take the better part of a week to make the trip and complete the work. You can notify us soon as you are ready for us and we will come at once. We will need about a yard of the very best sand you can get for the base. Trusting you will not experience any difficulty in getting it across the mountains, we remain, Very Respect, J.D.B.”

 This is the last letter – they must have made it across the mountains as the statue is standing proud and tall on the Bland County Court House lawn, and was rededicated on April 2, 2011. Brenda W. King, Bland County Historical Society, 276-688-0088